White Label Graphic Design: How to Resell White Label Graphic Design Services to Agencie

Do you want to offer your clientele and other agencies graphic design services but don’t have the in-house experts or skills to offer the services? Here is where white label graphic design services come in.

However, what is white label graphic design? Why do you need to outsource your graphic design services to a white label graphic design company? And how can you choose the right white label graphic design agency for your business?

All these questions will be answered in this guide.

What is White Label Graphic Design?

As a graphic design provider, you need to offer graphic design solutions to your clients but you don’t have the in-house team and expertise required to do so. In such a situation, you can outsource the service to another company to help you fulfill the service. This is referred to as white label graphic design. The graphics design company you outsource to is known as a white label graphic design company.

In a nutshell, white-label graphic design refers to a situation whereby a company creates outlines or templates of graphics for their clients. A white label graphic design enables a company to customize the graphic designs as theirs.

After the white label, graphic design company has completed the designs, you can then put your logo and branding on the finished work. The best part about reselling white label graphic design services and other digital services is that you don’t need to bother about shipping costs (unlike what is experienced in manufacturer-reseller models).

Your job is to facilitate the transaction between the white label graphic design company and the local business that you will sell to, while you keep the margin that you charge.

Why Should You Outsource Graphic Design Services?

The simple answer is that white labeling helps brands to develop their growth without incurring additional overhead costs that are required to complete such projects. If you want to enhance the growth of your business, then you need to consider hiring the services of white label companies.


Most businesses are not financially buoyant to hire full-time graphic designers. As a result, they hire them on contract. Here are some of the reasons why you need to outsource your graphic design services to a white label graphic design agency:

The graphic design industry in the United States keeps growing exponentially. According to Statista, the graphic design market is expected to grow to $11 billion by 2022. You can enjoy this rise without incurring additional costs by making use of the service of a white label graphic design agency.

When you expand the services you offer, you will be able to build strong relationships with your clients since they will be able to call on you for any graphic design service they require. Also, you will be able to offer them top-quality customer service since you don’t need to bother about delivering the service on your own; their projects are in safe and competent hands.

Any business that wants to establish a strong presence on the internet needs to have a logo, attractive banner designs, and advertising designs. By taking advantage of the expertise of white label graphic design agencies, you will be able to achieve all these requirements within a short period. You will also be able to help your clients set up their businesses.

White Label Graphic Design Services that You Can Resell to Businesses

Graphic design comprises a wide range of services. Listed below are some of the graphic design services that are in high demand.:

Logo Design

All companies need great logos. A logo can arrest the attention of viewers and also communicate your brand’s values. Although a logo may be simple, the use of fonts, tones, colors, and the overall design needs to depict the natural feeling that clients have towards the product or service that you offer. White label graphic designers can revise logo designs until your client is satisfied. Once you’re done offering the service, your client can then go on to establish their brand image from the design provided (which acts as the foundation for their business).

Digital Advertising Designs

Digital advertisements are important for businesses in this era. Once you open your internet browsers to browse new products or services on offer, you will notice businesses that are trying to sell something. In this highly competitive digital era, advert designs play a huge role in differentiating you from your competitors. By outsourcing your digital advert designs to a reliable white label graphic design company, you will be able to provide creative designs that will help your clients stay ahead of their competitors on different digital platforms.

Improved Brand Content

You can help brands that sell their products on Amazon deliver engaging shopping experiences to their buyers by adding visually rich content in the product descriptions. This content will convey your client’s brand story. You can easily outsource this service to a white label graphic design agency. This form of partnership will improve your client’s conversion rates and also enhance your relevance as a graphic design service provider.

Ad Design

We cannot escape adverts. Everywhere we go, we encounter different forms of advertisements; everyone is trying to sell or market something to us. In this current era, creative and unique ad designs are one of the most powerful factors that will differentiate your clients from their main competitors.

Partnering with a white label graphic design company will allow you to deliver professional ad designs to your clients so that they can outperform their competitors.

5. Expanded portfolio

If your client is just starting a new company or wants to grow a corporate appearance, they will need a business logo, custom logo, letterhead, and envelope designs.

Leveraging the corporate identity designs offered by a white label graphic design agency will put your clients on their way to portraying their corporate image with quality and consistency across different platforms.

Motion Graphics

A video marketing survey revealed that 92 percent of marketers agreed that video plays a crucial role in their marketing strategy. In other words, video marketing is increasing, and motion graphics offer a great way to embrace stock footage and turn them into attention-grabbing multimedia content. This form of content can be used on websites, social media platforms, and email marketing campaigns.


You can hire the service of a white label graphic design company to deliver this service to your business clients. The agency will understand your client’s value proposition. As a result, they will be able to deliver attractive motion graphics content.

Who Can You Resell White Label Graphic Design Services To?

You can resell white label graphic design services to the following professionals:

  • Copywriters
  • Virtual assistants
  • PR agencies
  • Printers
  • Business consultants
  • Website designers
  • Marketing and communication agencies
  • Signage companies
  • Car wrap suppliers

The designs should be impressive and attractive

The white label graphic design company that you want to partner with must be able to create designs that will impress and attract prospective clients. The designs should be able to improve your brand image and also enhance your agency’s credibility.

The designs must be unique

The white label graphic design agency that you want to hire must be able to provide unique graphic designs. They should be able to generate their designs via meticulous conceptualization, detailed design process, and execution of ideas generated by an experienced and professional design team.

The designs should generate business for your agency

Apart from being visually impressive, the designs the white label graphic design agency provides must also boost your conversion rates, encourage purchase decisions, and also inspire your targeted audience to take the right actions.

The designs must meet your marketing needs

The company must also be able to provide designs that will cater to your wide range of marketing strategies. The logos, PowerPoint presentations, and infographics must be able to give you positive results from your campaigns

The designers should be experts

Ensure that the white label graphic design company that you intend to hire works with a team of well-trained and expert graphic designers and artists. Apart from being adept at creating stunning designs and materials, the company’s experts must also be focused on and dedicated to providing quality work that will meet your specific goals.

The designs should use the most recent trends

Before hiring a white label graphic design company, ensure the company uses the latest trends in its designs. Their styles and technology must be recent and they must use the latest visual concepts and graphic elements. Also, the company must use professional applications and the latest art styles and technology to generate positive results for your clients.

The designs should speak your brand message

The company should be able to provide graphic design services that will communicate your brand message. Their designs must make your brand stand out from the competition by creatively using colors, styles, typeface, and design elements that convey your brand message.

The designs should consider your preference

The best white label graphic design you can outsource your graphic designs to is the one that is willing to work collaboratively with their designers and concept makers and your team. This form of relationship will ensure that your suggestions and preferences are considered.

The designs should be delivered at the right time

The agency must be able to deliver its designs within the agreed timeline. The whole essence of outsourcing your graphic design services is for you to adhere to your timelines and deliver quality service. The white label graphic design company must be able to help you achieve these.

The company should be able to provide unlimited design concepts

Graphic designers usually provide a few design concepts that clients can choose from. If the client is okay with one of the ideas, the designer will then create a final design out of it.


However, if the client is not satisfied, the white label graphic design agency will have to produce a new set of concepts. It is, therefore, important to choose a white label graphics design company that will offer unlimited design concepts so that your client can have different options to choose from.

The company should provide unlimited design revisions

To maximize your profit margin, ensure you choose a white label graphic design company that offers unlimited design revisions. You will get good reviews from your clients when you offer them revisions when necessary.

If you hire the service of a white label graphic design agency that charges you for revisions, your margin will be affected.

Wrapping Up

White labeling graphic design will allow you to start or expand into the graphic design industry without interfering with your growth plans. Partnering with a white label graphic design company will allow you to provide graphic design services (even if you don’t have the expertise) and develop strong relationships with your clients.

You can even add an extra stream of revenue to your business and also build a stronger client relationship by bundling your graphic design services with other services.