White Label Facebook Ads Management

If you run a marketing agency and you have clients asking you to handle their Facebook ads. But Facebook ads is not one of your core competencies and you don’t have an in-house you can delegate it to, then you might want to consider white label Facebook ads management.

What is White Label Facebook Ads Management?

White label is otherwise known as reseller service or private label. White label Facebook ads management refers to an agency helping other agencies to provide Facebook Ads management services on their behalf for their clients. 

While the other agency provides the services, you take the credit 100%. Your clients won’t be aware of the existence of the third party fulfilling the job. The white label agency’s marketing reporting will be branded under your agency and presented to your client as if done in-house.

How Does White Label Facebook Ads Management Work?

If you run a marketing agency and have a client who is interested in running Facebook Ads for their products or services, the client will naturally expect you to take up the job and add it to the other marketing services you already offer them. However, there may be a problem. What if Facebook Ads isn’t your forte?

If you find yourself in that situation, you have two options: turn down the job and send your client to one of your competitors(which might be the beginning of the end as they may end up moving away their other campaigns) or take it up and simply hire a Facebook Ads Management agency to render the service and package it under your marketing firm. 

White labelling works. When you hire an expert white label Facebook ads management agency to handle the campaign, you rest assured they deliver measurable results that will increase your client’s revenue.

The White Label approach is a strategy that new marketing agencies or existing ones without the needed expertise to offer some services can actually provide such services, without going through the hassle of hiring and training an in-house staff, they can simply outsource to a reputable white label agency. This helps them deliver more value to their clients, keep clients happy and make extra money, without actually fulfilling the service themselves.

Why Use a White Label Facebook Ads Management Service?

White labeling is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both you and the white label company. While the white label agency increases their revenue without directly dealing with clients, you can leverage their expertise to keep your clients happy which increases your customer success rate. 

Benefits of using a White Label Facebook Ads Management Agency

1.  It is cost-effective

White labeling is a smart way to deliver outstanding services without the extra cost of hiring and training an in-house employee. This means that you can run a well rounded digital marketing agency without hiring full time employees for every department. You can reduce the number of people on your payroll and increase your net profit. 

2. Professionals at your beck and call

Another reason why you should consider the white label approach to Facebook ads is the availability of experts to execute client ads campaigns anytime you need them. When you leverage the expertise and experience of a white label Facebook ads management agency, you can easily get your clients results which will increase their LTV.

3. It is time-saving

Besides the cost of keeping in-house Facebook ads experts, another factor you should consider is the time it will take you to train inexperienced advertising personnel to be proficient at running Facebook ads for your client. 

You can save yourself the time by outsourcing the job to a white label agency with the requisite team and resources to deliver.

4. It increases your revenue

Outsourcing to a white label agency is one of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line without doing any extra work. 

Simply handover your client’s Facebook ads campaign to a white label Facebook ads management agency. They write the ad copies, get the landing page done, run the ads, and optimize it for conversions. Your client generates high quality leads or sales, whatever the campaign goal is.

Client is happy you are making them more money. You make more money and still keep them as a client. More money. Zero additional work. It is important to reiterate that engaging the services of a reputable white label agency that actually get results is crucial. If you hire the wrong agency then you are toast!

5. Expanded portfolio

A partnership with a white label helps increase the number of marketing services you offer to your clients, despite not specializing in some of them. You can run a full service digital marketing with two or three core competencies.

6. Competitive edge guaranteed

While competing effectively with bigger bands in your industry can be challenging, you can win the battle with white labels by your side. They help you provide more services than you naturally can offer. By offering a wide range of services at budget-friendly prices, you’ll gradually grow your brand and increase your customer-base.

When Should a Company Consider White Label Facebook Ads Management Agency?

The decision of whether to partner with a white label Facebook ads management agency is exclusively yours. However, before you decide to partner with such agencies, ask yourself whether that is the best option for you. 

Know that it is the right time to make such a move when you start noticing any of the following: 

If you’ve been handling your clients’ Facebook ads campaigns, and now you cannot seem to get them to convert well. If you keep pumping money into ads and you barely break even, it is probably time to hire a white label agency to fire up the ads campaigns to keep the leads and sales coming in. I mean, your clients are inevitably going to leave if you keep sending them bad leads that don’t convert. A reputable white label Facebook ads management can save you from blushes and help you keep your client longer.

Running a successful Facebook ads campaign requires some level of expertise, and if you don’t have it, you really shouldn’t half ass it. You can avoid burning money on ads that don’t convert and start helping your clients generate results by outsourcing to the right white label ads management agency. The other alternative is to hire an employee to handle it in-house, but comes at a cost. You can save more time and money by letting a niche ads agency manage your clients’ Facebook ads campaigns.

What do White Label Facebook Ads Management Agencies Offer?

A white label Facebook ads management agency can help you grow your clients’ businesses through a combination of the following services: 

Through ad copywriting, the agency will create ad content such as ad copies, audio scripts, and VSLs that complement the visual marketing strategy to help your clients generate high quality leads and sales. 

The agency will also create a campaign strategy suitable for your client’s target audience, campaign objectives, and key messaging for optimal results. This will enable them to launch an ad campaign that delivers results

Ad creatives are the videos, images, and others included in a campaign. They are displayed on the marketing platform to attract users. While creating a Facebook ad campaign, the white label agency will create the most attractive and informative creative that will capture the attention of your client’s target audience on Facebook and persuade them to take action. 

After creating a campaign with the necessary elements, the agency springs into action by implementing everything towards promoting your client’s products or services. Before the implementation, it ensures that all parameters are included in the campaign. That’s a proven way to eliminate all potential challenges and have better chances of hitting the campaign’s objective.

Ad split test is a marketing strategy that involves testing the ads within an ad group to determine which of them will deliver the best result and help the agency achieve its goal. The result of the test will influence their decision to retain some ads and optimize them or remove some poorly-performing members of the ad group. 

By focusing on the best ads within the group, the agency can easily improve the group’s overall performance and help your client achieve their marketing goals. 

The white label Facebook ads management agency will manage your bids and budget as well. They won’t just spend your ads money indiscriminately but ensure that each penny spent on your ads is well-spent. Their efforts will help your clients achieve their marketing goals without wasting their budgets.

Final Thoughts

If running Facebook ads is not your forte, engage the services of a white label Facebook ads management agency to manage your clients’ campaigns. Your clients only care about results, find the best and most qualified agency to deliver the results. And everyone is happy. It is really that simple!