White Label Adwords Management Services: What Are They? And How Do They Work?

As an agency, you have a myriad of advertising options to promote your clients’ products or services online. If you want to build a strong online presence with impressive visibility and engagement, Google is one important platform you cannot ignore.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is a form of search engine marketing (SEM) that works on a pay-per-click basis (PPC).

If you’re looking to offer more efficient and more cost-effective Google ads services to your clients, you should consider outsourcing to white label Adwords management services.

With white label Google ads management, you can provide your clients with fast and effective PPC services without incurring the typical overheads.

Wondering how this works?

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In this post, you will learn what white label Adwords management services are, how they work and how you can hire the right agency or freelance PPC agency to bring more value to your client.

What is White Label PPC?

White label Adwords management refers to the outsourcing of Google paid advertising services to another agency or freelancer also known as reseller within the online marketing space.

The white label Google ads provider offers their services to other agencies to sell as their own. Typically, the business is done without disclosing this fact to the client who purchased the service from you.

Google ads reigns supreme when it comes to digital marketing. With a vast network comprising millions of webpages and unsurpassed reach that capture over 85 percent of consumers, it would be absurd not to take advantage of Google ads for your clients.

Unlike SEO, Google Ads gives you an opportunity to bid for a position in the Google search result pages (SERPs). Thus, your ads are displayed in SERP every time a user searches for a keyword that’s related to what you used when setting up the campaign.

Advertising using Google Ads increases your online visibility, ultimately helping you generate more targeted clicks to your client’s website. With more traffic flowing to their website, there’s higher chances for generating high quality leads who will go on to convert to customers.

Unfortunately, Google Ads is not without its own set of unique challenges. Unless you’ve the time to master the ropes, take certification courses and experiment with the platform until you get it right, you need a competent white label Google Ads management service to manage your PPC campaigns.

Organic Versus Paid Google Ads

The main difference between organic search and paid Google ads is the cost. But it goes beyond that.

While organic search focuses on execution of a broad range of strategies to rank organically in search results, paid advertising relies on paid ranking.

With organic search, businesses utilize the knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) to influence their ranking and visibility. They perform activities such as on-page optimization, link building and technical SEO in line with Google’s ranking factors.

Paid search, on the other hand, allows users to pay for prominent spots in search results.

Although SEO is free, it can take time to get results. In comparison, Google paid search generates instant results, delivering an impressive return on investment.

Other benefits of paid search include:

  • Accommodates every size of budget
  • Attracts users who are ready to buy
  • Provide actionable data for future campaigns
  • Support other marketing channels across the web

How Does White Label Google Ads Management Work?


Whether you’re looking to expand your offerings to include Google Ads management, wary about missing deadlines or simply considering a more cost effective way of running your agency, partnering with a white label Google Ads management agency is a perfect option for you.

A PPC reseller does all the work involved in creating successful Google Ads campaigns that draw attention of potential customers/clients. Once the deliverable is ready, you can brand the work however you please to present to your client. With a white label PPC management service, you’ll be able to deliver massive results without any burden. The best part is, this model allows you to concentrate on the area of your best where you’re most efficient.

Benefit from White Label Adwords Management Service

1. Save on Expenses:

 You can save extra cost by outsourcing Google Ads management services to another agency. The cost of recruiting an experienced in-house employee or subscribing for advertising tools can be utilized for other important things. By partnering with a white label Google Ads services, you can get complex works done without hassle at reasonable affordable prices.

2.Higher Quality Solutions:

 The results delivered by a white label Google Ads management agency is of high quality. There are many issues that may arise during the process of setting up a campaign. The right white label PPC company ensures that the issues are solved using their experience and expertise.

3. Less Stressful:

 Juggling between multiple clients’ works can be stressful. When you outsource your work to any agency, things will start getting easier for you. The complicated works get completed effortlessly and without delay.

4.Expert Solution:

 Because white label agencies have experience and knowledge about PPC, you can expect them to deliver efficient results. They can apply advanced problem solving methods to fix any problem that may arise.

5.Client Retention

 Most clients like for their works to be completed on time within the stipulated time frame. Since you’re servicing multiple clients, you may not be able to meet up and this can lead to loss of clients. Partnering with a white label Google advertising agency helps you avoid delayed delivery while offering premium quality services. This way, you’ll be able to maintain long lasting relationships with clients.

What Are The Types of White Label Google Ads Services You Can Get?

Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing is a type of Google Ads campaign that allows you to target potential customers based on their previous or known online behavior. Remarketing and retargeting can help you prevent loss by targeting clients who are more likely to buy from your client. The campaign reminds the leads of the client’s product or services and encourages them to return and complete the conversion process.

With a professional PPC agency in your corner, you don’t have to worry about the technical details involved in the campaign. The expert will develop and execute strategies that perfectly fit the needs of your clients and achieve the best results.

Google Shopping Campaigns

If you have an ecommerce client, Google Shopping Campaigns are a valuable tool for them to promote their business online. With this option, your client’s business will be displayed in top search results when people are looking for the kind of products they sell. This can help them gain competitive advantage.

The best PPC campaign is optimized for best performance by using detailed product feeds, high-resolution images, custom field attributes and appealing promotional copy.

Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

Your landing page is an essential part of your paid advertising campaign efforts. If a user clicks on your ad only to be taken to a poorly designed landing page with an unappealing copy, you’re likely to lose the prospect to your competitor.

A beautifully designed and optimized landing page, on the other hand, helps you grab the visitor’s attention and ensure that they convert to customers. A PPC reseller can create ads and landing pages that align with the client’s branding and messaging. They use options such as A/B testing to experiment between different options so they can choose the best one.

Display Advertising

Although an outbound marketing strategy, displayed ads, if properly optimized, can increase traffic and build brand affinity with your target audience. It can also bring in high quality leads to the client’s business.

The right white label Adwords management service will create on-brand, appealing and high-converting display ads with well-designed landing pages and optimized copy.

How To Find The Right White Label Adwords Management Services

Finding the right white label service provider can be a serious work. Before you choose a PPC reseller to partner with, consider the following:


Before contacting a potential partner, do a background check to see if they have a track record that points to their expertise and experience in providing quality Google paid search services. You can estimate a provider’s level of experience based on the number of clients they have worked with and the results they were able to get. Quality experience leads to vast knowledge which helps the provider to develop and execute strategies that work for your clients.


Clear and consistent communication is very essential in any form of business partnership. Open communication develops a quality relationship and builds trust. Before hiring an agency, take note of how they communicate. Do they provide responses to your questions in a timely manner? What channel of communication do they use? Are they organized or forthright in their communication? Maintaining effective communication will be much easier if the communication channel is well organized and manned by a dedicated employee.


Trust is a foundation upon which every business partnership is built; without it, not relationship can stand. Little things such as being upfront with pricing, service policy and sticking to delivery time count when assessing a provider’s integrity. You can have a good idea about the white label PPC service provider’s credibility by checking references or reading customers’ reviews on their website and on other places like their Google My Business Profile. If you need any clarification based on what you observe, feel free to contact the company through email or phone.


A good white label PPC service provider is transparent and upfront in terms of what they charge for their services. If a former client complained about hidden costs in their review that should be a red flag for you. Before you choose a company, make sure you ask the right question such as their price structure, the turnaround time, and their policy.

Support Team 

Every business that wants to be taken seriously must provide dedicated customer support for their clients or customers. This team is the first responder in the event that you have urgent questions to ask. An effective support team is visible on the website and always responsive to provide help through your buyer journey.

Wrapping up

Using a white label paid search or Google ads is a cost-effective business model to deliver fast and consistent results for your clients. If you’re looking to offer high converting PPC services, you should consider working with an experienced and reliable Google ads management service provider with a tract record of delivery quality results.

If you need more information about hiring the right white label Adwords management service, contact us now.