Top White Label Social Media Agencies

As a digital marketing agency, one of your goals would probably be to scale your business. You would want to make sure your SMB customers get all they need from you, including social media marketing. But most of the time, scaling comes with additional workload and added stress for you and your team.

So how do you offer social media management to your customers without burning out your team or delivering low-quality jobs in case social media management is not even your wheelhouse? In that case, partnering with a white label social media agency can be the ultimate solution you need.

It allows you to leverage a professional team of your partner to deliver outstanding results to your clients with your own branding. However, it is not easy choosing a good white label agency from the several ones in the market. We have made it easier for you. These are the top white label social media agencies you may want to consider for scaling your agency.

The Best White Label Social Media Agencies

First, What Are White Label Social Media Agencies?

These are agencies that provide content creation services, as a consultant or agency that you can buy, package and resell to your own clients. Buying such services means you can provide your clients with fresh and unique social media content without having to put an extra load on your team.

White label social media services often include copywriting, graphic design, posting on various social networks, creating social media schedules, and dealing with various requests and feedback from clients. Such services are also often designed in such a way that the reselling agency can easily repackage and sell to their own clients.

Should You Work With A White Label Social Media Partner?

Social media is no doubt one of the core areas any business needs to target in their marketing strategies. Having a presence on social media is an essential element for branding and it also opens the opportunity for businesses to position themselves up high in the market and show their personality to the world.

Social media marketing is working and producing amazing results – and many of your clients also know this. Therefore, they will always request social media management from you as a service. You will need to create engaging social media content for your clients and help manage their social channels.

Some agencies will hire a creative content creator in-house to handle that for them, and that might be the best option for you if you have enough cash to spare and are looking to build a team. But it can also be an expensive option to explore. Hiring and managing an additional professional in-house can be expensive and time-consuming altogether.

Also, chances are that you will keep adding new clients every month, which means the workload would be increasing consistently. In that case, you may need to hire another professional to ease the load on the existing one you have. That way, you will be building a team of full-timers, which also comes with its own implications.

Apart from the financial implications, building a team of full-time professionals can create a rigid work structure in your agency, making it difficult for you to scale up or down as needed, and that could pose a level of risk to your business.

But with a white label partner, you can be sure you can manage hundreds of clients at the same time without causing any strain on your business. It is more cost-effective than hiring an in-house professional. And you will be leveraging the state-of-the-art tools and professional expertise of your white label partner to fulfill the needs of your clients.

White labeling also allows you to deliver the job to your clients bearing your own branding. In other words, you have a professional team handling social media content creation and management for your client while you take the credit and the cash. Even if your clients prefer to have their branding on dashboards and reports, it is a possibility with a white label solution.

If you think working with a white label social media agency is right for you, keep reading for our recommendations of the top white label social media agencies in the market. 

Choose a Partner That Allows for Multiple Revisions

Before we talk about the top guns in the industry, it is important we quickly talk about this. When choosing a white label partner, make sure you go for one that allows you to get revisions on the content created.

Not all white label agencies provide revisions, and this is crucial to the success of the whole setup. Ensure your customers can communicate directly with your clients and are willing to provide any revision requests made by your clients.

If your partner could only provide the initial content creation, then you should be prepared to handle the revision part, which can be time-consuming, and sometimes result in altered quality, especially when you have to do this for hundreds of clients at the same time.

So choose a partner that will be willing to handle client feedback, make changes as requested, and handle scheduling the content for you.


The Best White Label Social Media Agencies

#1: Vendasta

Price: Starts from $500 per year

Vendesta is one of the leading platforms in the market offering white label social media management software that allows you to create social media content and get reports on the success of your social media strategy. The platform is an end-to-end solution and their pricing includes access to their platform, email marketing, reporting, and multiple member seats.

Below are some of the unique features of Vendasta that we found interesting:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Easy social media reporting and analytics tools
  • You can securely access your social media accounts from the platform
  • Easily sources relevant keywords and trending hashtags across platforms

#2: RocketDriver

Price: Full digital solution that starts from $495 per month

Founded in 2011, RocketDriver is a white label digital marketing company that works directly with agencies, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all types. The company is committed to helping its clients achieve the best with their digital marketing strategies. They also provide a white label solution where agencies can easily outsource their clients’ social media management for easy scaling.

Like many other white label social media agencies in the market, RocketDriver doesn’t have content-only plans on their website. But they provide pricing for a full digital solution and so, their pricing starts from $495 per month.

Key features of RocketDriver

  • Suitable for any type of business, of any size, and in any industry
  • Has composer and scheduler tool for easy content creation and publishing
  • A one-stop place to engage with followers across all social media platforms.
  • Content delivered for major social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business

#3: MixBloom

Price: Starts from $199 per month

Looking for a white label social media content service that will help your agency provide useful content to your clients? MixBloom should be on your list. The platform will assign a dedicated social media manager to your agency to create a variety of digital content for your clients. From unique images to copywriting, and hashtag sourcing, you can get everything you need to handle your clients’ social media marketing all in one place.

Mixbloom also includes unlimited revisions, content scheduling, and publishing to multiple social media networks. Their dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Your client can easily review and leave feedback on the content. They can also edit and approve content before they are published.

Key features of MixBloom

  • Simple and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Provides multiple revisions, and will promptly make changes based on your client’s comments and recommendations
  • Services are easy to rebrand and resell to your clients
  • Takes care of scheduling and publishing for you
  • All plans include creating content and managing up to four social networks, including Instagram
  • Offers 14 days trial to see how it works before making a commitment. 

#4: Sendible

Price: Starts from $19 per month

This is another useful white label social media solution you might want to try. It is a software solution for digital marketing agencies. It is very affordable that it becomes a preferred choice for most small agencies.

If you are not sure if it is a white label solution you should use for your client, they provide a demo to help you have a perfect feel of the dashboard and what you should expect from the software.

Key features:

  • Allows you to provide social media management to your clients with your own branding
  • Lets you schedule and publish posts in bulk
  • You can tailor content for each social media network
  • Comes with a built-in analytics and reporting tool
  • Allows you email reports in PDF format
  • It has mobile apps for Android and iOS making it easy to schedule and publish posts on the go

#5: ThatCompany

Price: Available on request

If you have been in the digital marketing industry for a while now, chances are that you must have heard about ThatCompany. It is a white label digital marketing agency that provides a wide range of digital marketing services to agencies and businesses. Their services range from SEO and PPC to social media and web design.

ThatCompany also offers white label content creation and management to agencies. Their plans also include influencer management, engagement monitoring, and reporting.

Key features

  • Works directly with your client for the best result
  • Makes sure your clients are satisfied by hosting a series of end-client meetings
  • In-depth analytics and reporting to show your client the direct ROI
  • Flexible and affordable pricing 

#6: LyfeMarketing

Price: Starts from $700 per month

This white label agency provides services that range from email marketing to social media management. For social media management, LyfeMarketing works directly with your client to increase brand awareness without putting any stress on your agency. They also understand how to effectively generate website traffic for your client through social media content.

Their plans provide up to 40 posts per month for Instagram and Facebook. That also includes engagement and basic ad boost management.

Pricing is done based on the number of posts your client needs per month. The flexible pricing of LyfeMarketing is also one of the reasons many digital agencies prefer them above others in the industry.

Key features

  1. Provides you with a dedicated account manager
  2. No set-up fee whatsoever
  3. Your social media manager develop the initial campaign strategy for your client
  4. Provides community management service – up to 10 responses daily

#7: PromoRepublic

Price: Starts from $49 per month

This is a complete white label social media management software solution that makes it super easy to provide social media management to your clients under your branding. You can customize the dashboard and reports to make it look like it is owned and run by your agency. If you like you can also make it go under your client’s branding too.

Even if your existing customers are not interested in social media services, PromoRepublic has some interesting presentations you can send to your customers and clients to convince them. Unlike many other solutions in the market, PromoRepublic also offers a free trial so you can have a good feel of the platform before committing yourself.

Key features

  • Provides up to 100,000 visuals and templates for social media content
  • Allows you to post on multiple platforms at the same time
  • Easy content scheduling and publishing
  • Personalized reports with detailed insights
  • Assigns a dedicated success manager to you and your clients
  • Content organization and team collaboration tools

#8: SocialPilot

Price: Available on request

SocialPilot is a very popular social media management solution. Beyond its popularity, it is also an effective option to consider in the market for white label needs for agencies. It allows you to customize everything about the service with your branding or that of your clients, including the dashboard, reports, and emails.

If you are looking for a complete social media management solution for your agency, SocialPilot comes highly recommended. It offers a demo to help you test out the platform to know what to expect when you finally make an investment.

Key features:

  • Allows for bulk scheduling and posting
  • Comes with a social media calendar
  • Single, integrated social inbox
  • Personalized analytics and reporting
  • Easy to use and secure interface
  • Email integration and personalization

Final Thought

White labeling is arguably a useful solution every agency should try, especially the ones that serve multiple clients. They allow you to use their excellent service with your own branding on it. You can also decide to provide your clients with a customized service using their individual brand elements like their logo, brand colors, etc.

Above, we have mentioned the top white label social media agencies you can leverage to provide your clients with the best service with your brand name on it. Each of these agencies offers unique sets of features, services, and pricing. That means you will always find one that best fits your agency’s needs.