Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution is not new. It has been one of the practices digital marketers use to bring their business in front of a larger audience. But recently, there has been a lot of buzz around press releases and SEO. While many people believe it is an old practice that has lost its savor, some believe otherwise.

Are press releases still relevant for SEO? Is it wise to pay for press release distribution? All these and many more are questions surrounding press release distributions. Unfortunately, none of them comes with an easy answer. In this post, we will be establishing the role of press releases in SEO and effective ways to make the most out of the practice.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a short, compelling, official statement written by a business owner, public relations professional, or marketer and delivered to targeted members of the media. It is usually written to provide brief information about an event or make an announcement.

The primary aim of writing this kind of piece is to pique the interest of a journalist, publication, or news source, and have it cited in a news story. Press releases can be issued in a variety of formats, ranging from written to audio, or video formats.

Before Choosing the Best, Why Use Press Release Distribution Services in the First Place?

Press releases have long been known for their effectiveness in helping to get appropriate media coverage. They allow you to increase your brand’s exposure and reach new audiences. In addition to this, press releases come with lots of advantages over traditional advertising methods.

Now, to make the most out of your press releases, you need to find a means to get your story to a wider audience in a shorter time. If you will be distributing your press release by yourself, you will have to go through the rigorous process of creating a media list, finding media contacts, pitching them, and following up with them. All of these do not only take a lot of time but also require lots of energy and resources.

But with a press release distribution service, the job becomes much easier. These tools help you find the best media outlet for your story and send them out in a fraction of the time you would have spent trying to do it by yourself.

What is Press Release Distribution?

The thing is, no matter how well-written your press release is, you need to know how to get it out in front of the right people. That is the only time you can profit from your press release – and that’s what is called press release distribution.

Press release distribution is sharing your press release with journalists and other members of the press. There are different ways this can be done. You can decide to do it manually through outreaches or give out the job to a professional press release distribution service to take the stress off you.

What Are the SEO Benefits of Press Release?

Even with the thought of having information about your company, website, or brand cited and published in news and media should tell you that press releases are good for visibility. When properly done, they can be a great tool for boosting a website’s SEO.

Press releases don’t only have the power to provide you a high-quality backlink but can also help point plenty referral traffic from people reading and sharing the news publication. Every time you have a news media cite the press release, you will be getting a backlink pointing to your website. You can bet backlinks coming from news sources and media outlets are incredibly high-quality, natural links.

More Benefits of Press Release

Huge and natural foot traffic

Apart from helping to boost the SEO of a website, a press release can also drive local foot traffic to your store. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you will be surprised how much traffic press releases can help drive to your physical shop. You only need to submit your press release to a relevant source, then sit back and watch the traffic pour in.

More sales

Whether you are launching a new product or an exclusive line, a well-targeted press release can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Let people know about your special offers and discounts in your press release. It definitely will help drum up your interest than you can ever imagine.

Press Release and SEO; is it Still Worth it?

Well, press releases have evolved over the last few years, and they are no longer what they used to be. Many people had abused the practice in the past, and that has brought a big blow to press releases. Rather than writing press releases for the sole purpose of getting a journalist to feature a story, marketers have flooded press release platforms with spammy, low-quality content. All they want is the backlink that comes from posting their piece to the platform.

However, that doesn’t mean press releases are dead. If you know how to write engaging and compelling press releases, then the whole process of creating a press release will be worth it. It can still provide your brand with exceptional visibility while giving your site’s SEO the extra boost it needs.

So, we can actually conclude that press releases still work for SEO, but it all depends on your motive. Your goal should not be to just get a link from a press release. Instead, aim to deliver good content journalists and news publications will be happy to publish.

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Tips for Creating and Sharing Your Press Release for the Best Result

#1: Know how to write a good press release

Like any other form of writing, there is a special way to write a winning press release piece. If you haven’t written one before, you should consider using the service of a professional content writer for the job.

Remember you are submitting the piece to a journalist. Writing from a journalist’s approach may not be very easy. Therefore, you may need to hire a professional that specializes in writing this kind of piece.

#2: Make sure your press release covers something newsworthy

To write a compelling and newsworthy piece, make sure your objective is well laid out. Understand your target audience, use proper grammar and style. Mind your spacing, and give the press release a good title.

#3: Know your audience

There is no way you can write a newsworthy press release when you don’t know who your target audience is. Take time to conduct demographic and customer research in order to achieve your goal. For instance, if your target market consists of seniors, there should be a limit to the amount of modern terms you will include in the press release.

#4: Keep it concise

Don’t make your press release look spammy by publishing press releases that are far too long and boring. So aim to create a short and concise piece. This will make the journalist pique more interest in your piece and wants to cover the story comprehensively.

#5: Craft a compelling pitch

Most journalists receive more than 200 pitches every day. If you must get their attention and make them accept your press release, you have got to present a compelling pitch. Right from the first line, capture the interest of the journalist and make them want to read till the end.

Make sure you personalize your pitch to the specific journalist. Sending a random pitch will get it to end in the trash. So, take time to check the precious works of the journalist to see what really interests them. Once you have your pitch ready, send it over via email.

#6: Choose the right journalist for the job

Don’t just spam a hundred journalists with your press release, hoping that one of them will write about you. Before you send out your press release, do your research and know which journalist would be interested in your story – someone who writes in a related field.

Should You Use A Press Release Distribution Service?

If you wish there could be a way to make press release distribution less stressful, then you should consider a press release distribution service. Without having to reach out to any journalist or spending several hours researching where to submit your PR, you can get your piece in front of the right people.

Press release distribution services will only charge you a small fee to help you get the coverage that you need. Some of them will even help you craft your press release for an extra fee. However, not all press release distribution services are created equally. You will need to do your homework well before choosing one.

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What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Press Release Distribution Service?


Check the daily traffic of the press release distribution service before you commit yourself. Just check their website or use a tool like Alexa’s Traffic Ranking information to have a good idea of this. The more traffic service has, the more the chance of the service helping you achieve your goal.

List of outlets

You will also want to check how many media outlets your potential service covers. This includes news websites, media outlets, aggregators, and news content systems. However, while more outlets may increase your chances of getting coverage, it doesn’t guarantee you will get the best result. Sometimes, service with few outlets performs better.

Your target audience

This cannot be overemphasized. Your target audience should determine the kind of press release distribution service you use. So, you should first understand who your audience is. Then determine your best option based on the information you have about your target audience.

Features and add-ons

Check and compare some of the extras. Does the service allow you to include videos in your press release? Can you add your logo? What about social media sharing?


Make sure the service provides some analytics that will allow you to keep track of the success of your press release distribution.


Do we need to mention this? Well, you should always go for a service that matches their offered services with their costs. Paying more doesn’t mean you will get more. Just try to compare their costs with the service they promised.


You don’t want to choose a press release distribution service you won’t be able to reach for any complaints and concerns. So check if the service has a customer support team. What do other customers’ reviews say about them? And also, how responsive is their support? All these should be considered when choosing a press release distribution service.


Final Note

Although press releases have received a bad wrap lately when it comes to improving SEO, it can still offer great value as part of your SEO strategy. However, approach press releases with a good motive – creating a piece that will bring value to the readers. Putting this first we deliver all the other benefits of the press release to you.

To make the whole thing easier for you, you can give out the job to a press release distribution service to handle it for you. But remember that not all press release distribution services are created equally. So, choose one that suits your needs.