Patch Submission Services: an Interesting Way to Boost Local SEO

Do you desire to rank higher than your competitors for local keywords and Google Maps? Well, one way to increase your chances for ranking high for those is through local citations. These are multiple, consistent mentions of your business name, address, and phone (known as NAP) on local review sites, directories, and business listings.

Google and other search engines use these mentions as a trust signal when determining if they should rank your business or website for Geo-targeted searches. Although there are a handful of local directories that can help take your business to the top, Patch is one of the most effective. If you have been thinking about getting your business on local directories lately, here are some reasons you should consider Patch submission/citation.

Why So Much Buzz about Patch?

Ever thought of the kind of exposure your business could get if you’ve got the chance to get it on a high authority local directory? You are surely thinking in the right direction. This will not only provide your business the exposure it needs to generate new customers and increase conversion. It will also boost your local SEO.

But when you are thinking of which local directories and business listings to use, don’t close the list until you have Patch on it. Since its creation in 2009, Patch has quickly grown to become a giant local directory that every business wants to be featured on.

Patch is presently available in almost every town in the United States, filling residents in on news, events, and businesses in their area. It has a unique website for every city it covers, and now, it caters for more than 1000 communities. Many business owners and digital marketers have reported how excellently having submissions on Patch have helped their business grow. Some people even consider the site as the future news magazine. Of course, Patch is filling that space already.

While you can join Patch (if your community has one) and write about happenings in your locality for free, you can get more exposure for your business by paying for a featured listing on the site.

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Patch Submission

Like any other directory submission, Patch submission refers to the practice of submitting your business/website URL and its details on the web to under a particular category. This can be done in the form of submitting articles or blog posts to the site alongside your business details.

There is no limit to the number of submissions you can submit on Patch. Remember, the point is even to have as many mentions as possible on the directory to improve your local SEO. If you are not sure what length to go on this, consider 50 submissions as a soft spot.

However, many people do have the concern that their patch submissions are not getting approved. That is why the use of patch submission services comes into play. There are some agents/professionals that ensure the approval of your submission on patch but at a cost. These people are referred to as Patch submission services.

We will talk more about that later in this post. But right now, let’s see some ways patch submissions can help your business grow.

How Patch Submission Can Help Your Business

Having several mentions of your business on a local directory like Patch comes with lots of benefits to your business or website. Some of these benefits are:

#1: Improving your online presence

Have you ever tried searching for your business on search engines like Google and Bing, and then come across your business listings on several directories? Sometimes even in places you never submitted your business details. This is because many business directories extract details from larger directories to make listings.

Getting listed on a directory site like Patch, with more than 90 domain authority, automatically means getting listed in many more. Furthermore, the more business directories your business details is found, the more frequently your business will appear in search results. That makes Patch submission a great tool to increase your online presence.

#2: Increasing your business visibility

By getting featured on various directories and listing websites, you will be promoting your local SEO. That means increasing your chances of being discovered any time a customer searches for the type of product or services you provide.

Ranking high for Local searches could mean a lot to the success of any business. In addition, Patch has an advanced filter option that allows potential customers to connect with you in your area.

#3: Boosts your site’s SEO

SEO helps your website rank higher on search engines for relevant keywords. For instance, if you are a local pizza joint, you would be optimizing your website with keyword phrases like “best pizza around me” or “closest pizza restaurant.”

While you optimize your website for these keywords, local directories like Patch also optimizes their site for the keywords. But with the high domain authority of Patch, it is more likely to rank first on the search engine for the keywords.

However, since you already have your website listed on Patch, it means your business will appear more frequently, even more than your website will. That way, you can use Patch submissions to function as a way of supplementing your website’s SEO.

#4: Quality link to improve page ranking

Directory submission is a basic aspect of off-page optimization. You can increase your page rank by getting authority, and quality backlinks from Patch. This will help attract more traffic to the site while also helping it grow.

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How to Submit News Tips, Events, and Classifieds on Patch

There are a couple of ways you can reach out on Patch, and the process is pretty simple. You can decide to share tips or start a local discussion, write press releases or articles, or add your events on the local event calendar for people to see. You can post classifieds or claim your business listing. Let’s see how you can do all of these for your business.

First, you need to sign up

You can apply for a free Patch account on any device. Connect with Facebook for a faster account setup or fill in your information in the form provided to create a new account. Submit the form and you will be sent an email once the account is approved.

Once your account is approved, you can start posting on Patch! Below are some of your options for getting noticed on Patch.

Do a neighbor Post

The Neighbor Posts section on the platform represents a community forum where you can connect to other people in your neighborhood. This includes local officials, Patch reporters, businesses, and other experts in your area.

Posting on this section will get your post to the top of the Neighbor Posts page, and then on Patch’s home page if it got enough engagement in the Neighbor Post section.

Post articles

You can also contribute to Patch in a more formal way by submitting articles to the platform. This could be in the form of press releases, letters to the editor, etc. When you publish an article on Patch, it is labeled as “Neighbor News” and will appear in the Neighbor Post section of your home community.

Post an Event

You can get more people to attend your upcoming event by posting it on the Patch Community Calendar. Let more people know about it. Once you post an event on the platform, it will appear in the main Calendar section for your community. It can also show up in other event preview sections and in emails to readers.

Will you be having a special sale, product launch, or charity event soon? You can take this opportunity to let more people know about it in your locality.

Post a classified

The classified section of the site is solely for doing business. This is where you can make different business announcements to promote your business. Once you do a post here, your classified will appear in the main Classified section for your community. It can also be featured in emails sent to readers.

A contact form will be inside your post. If anyone is interested in your product or offerings, they will reach you directly through the form.

Note: whether you are doing a press release, neighbor post, posting an event, or a classified, your listings will always appear in your local patch community. But you can get it to a wider audience and give it extra visibility by promoting it as “Featured” to neighboring communities for $1 per day per community.

How to Get Listed On Your Community Patch

Getting listed on Patch can help promote your business and generate new customers. To list your business on Patch, below are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to and find out if your community has a Patch

Step 2: If it does, click the directory tab and type in your business name. Just at the bottom part of your business name, you will see “Claim this listing.”

Step 3: Click the “Claim this listing” button and wait for about 72 hours for Patch to verify that you have the right to control your listing.

Step 4: Once you own the listing, you can use it to tweet about your business, post blog reviews, and give directions about upcoming events. You can also use Patch video and photo features to tell people about special sales, your recent innovations, advanced equipment, philanthropic participation, etc.

Patch Submission Services

Not all posts you make on Patch bring the desired result, especially if you don’t know how to do them right. On the other hand, some business owners don’t even have the time to figure out what works on Patch or even write an article to submit to the platform. In that case, a Patch submission service might help.

How many Patch submissions can you do? How many accounts can you manage on Patch? Remember that consistency is the best way to promote your business, so you need a reliable hand to take care of all of these. Patch submission services are professionals that know the advanced strategies used on Patch classified articles.

They literally take the stress off your shoulder, but at a cost. Some of them will charge based on subscription or per submission done on the platform. But with a good submission service, you can be sure of getting the best result. They don’t only have the right experience to boost your local SEO with local citations but also have the time to make sure the right thing is done.

With such services, you also get the chance to see the full submission report and know how your submission is doing.

However, to get the best from Patch submission services, it is important you choose a good service that knows just what to do to get the job done.

Final Note

Not everyone has the expertise or time to do directory citations but it is an important part of local SEO. Having your business featured on a local directory like Patch will mean a lot to your business. It can improve your local SEO, boost online presence and visibility, and promote the overall SEO of your site.

Patch submission services are a good way to get the most out of this practice – even with zero knowledge about how it’s done. Professionals will handle the job for you but at an agreed cost.