How Does White Label Seo Reporting Work?

How Does White Label Seo Reporting Work?

Are you providing your clients with sufficient SEO reporting? 

One of the biggest challenges SEO professionals face is creating well-detailed reports to help their clients understand their work. Most people find the report-creating process quite tedious and time-consuming.

However, as an SEO agency, your responsibilities don’t just end at improving your client’s website, you also need to top that with great reporting.

Fortunately, White label SEO reporting offers just that. Thanks to White label reports, you can provide your clients with customized reporting without all the associated struggles.

This article will walk you through all you should know about white label SEO reporting, including its benefits and how to get started with it.

But before then….

What is White Label SEO Reporting?

As a refresher, a white label is a term used to describe a product manufactured by one company and rebranded by another – to make it seem like the later company produced it. So the catchphrase here is “rebranding.”

An SEO report on the other hand is a document created to provide insight for website owners and businesses about their search engine performance. The SEO report has two purposes; first, it verifies what you’ve achieved and provides insights on what to do next.

 Now, applying this; White label SEO reporting involves offering high-quality and well-detailed SEO performance reports to your clients using third-party services while maintaining your brands’ name, logo, and other details on the report.

 Simply put, it involves hiring another company to do all the work of creating an in-depth search engine optimization report for you, with the right to brand it with your details.

What Do White Label SEO Reporting Platforms Do?

The beauty of the digital world is that almost every metric can be tracked. These data can be collected, organized, and transformed into simplified reports that are understandable to the least tech-savvy individual.

A top white label SEO report will involve the following.

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks play an essential role in SEO. So an SEO white label report will be incomplete without analyzing the Backlinks of the site. An efficient backlink analysis will highlight the top referring domains and backlinks. It will also help you to identify and replace spammy backlinks with effective links that will help your clients rank higher in search engines.

Keyword Analytics

SEO reports are worthless if they can’t tell you the keywords you’re ranking for and how to better optimize a site. An effective SEO report provides an in-depth analysis of your keywords ranking, alongside the clicks and impressions for each keyword.

It should also highlight new keywords opportunities that can drive more traffic and bring in more sales for your clients, including the search volume and competition analysis.

Automated Reporting

Investing in white label reporting eliminates the need to manually prepare SEO reports for your clients. The reporting firm will automatically prepare and provide the detailed performance and enhancement report you need for your client for the period of your contract.

Customizable Reports

Customizable reports are one of the major reasons why white label reporting is popular. The SEO firm will provide you with easily customizable reports based on your needs and that of your clients. Whether you want a full reporting or just keywords analysis, it can be arranged.

SEO Audit

An overall SEO audit will go a long way in helping you identify areas of improvement in your clients’ SEO strategy. The audit will reveal new keyword recommendations and opportunities to enhance the SERP of the site. 

The Audit report will also highlight on-page efforts you can take to optimize the site and increase traffic and conversion.

Domain Analytics

Some SEO reports provide what is also known as domain rating; a detailed analysis to provide you with specific metrics related to a domain or page. Domain analytics will track a lot of data including the following.

  • Clicks: How many people clicked on your links? Where’s their location and where did they find the link?
  • Keyword difficulty: A domain analytics will provide insight about the keywords you’re ranking for and those you can rank for, including how difficult it can be to rank for those keywords.
  • Search Volume: How many people are searching for your potential keywords monthly? How many are searching from your targeted country or region?
  • Organic traffic: what’s the number of traffic you’re getting from search engines? The report can compare this number with previous months to measure your performance.
  • Returning visitors: what percentage of the visitors to your site came back over the last weeks or months? A low return rate can be an indication of a poor user experience.

URL Rating: This is a unique rating of the backlink prowess of a page on a scale of 1 to 100. A high rating is achieved by getting more quality backlinks and will increase the page’s search engine ranking position.

1. It Saves You Money and Time

White-label reports provide high value at a low cost, especially compared to buying SEO tools and employing in-house search engine specialists. Since you only pay for the reports you need, you can make sure to only spend on what is necessary.

 Additionally, creating a report is time-consuming, especially if you want it to be thorough. It’s even worse if you have multiple clients. 

White label SEO reports save you the time you’ll use to create weekly and monthly reports. Instead of sitting in front of your PC manually generating reports, you can spend that time relaxing or getting new clients.

2. Builds your Brand’s Reputation

Your reputation, to an extent, is dependent on your ability to deliver results for your clients and demonstrate to them how the said results help them. Most clients aren’t tech-savvy, and may not have an idea about SEO, so a simplified white label SEO report will go a long way in helping them understand and appreciate your work.

3. It Make Your Job easier

So you’re an SEO specialist and a client’s site isn’t ranking well. With white label reporting, you’ll have other people look through the site SEO and provide insights on why it’s not ranking. So you can focus on fixing it.

4. Scalability

One of the major goals of every business is to get more clients. While you may be able to create SEO reports manually when you have just a few clients, it may not be feasible to create weekly or monthly reports for hundreds of clients. 

White label SEO reporting tools offer scalability. Whether you have 10, 500, or 5000 clients, you’ll be able to effortlessly produce reports as your client base grows.

5. Custom Made Reports

Your clients have different priorities and requirements. The metrics they track will also differ. A good SEO reporting tool allows you to create customized reports that meet the needs of individual clients. 

Whether you just want to highlight common issues for a site or create reports for hundreds of clients, you can achieve it all with the right white label SEO tool.

6. Diverse Solution

Clients have different SEO needs and if you don’t have the expertise to meet these demands, you’ll likely lose them to your competitors. Then again, learning new technical skills takes time, and hiring an in-house staff requires more money. 

White label SEO teams typically consist of experts who can help take your clients’ SEO to another level while improving the reputation of your brand. You’ll be able to meet your clients’ projects that you wouldn’t have done on your own. 

7. New Potential Customers

Ideally expanding your service offering will ensure your company can attract more customers. For instance, if your company only offers five SEO services, you can increase that to 10 or 12 with the help of third-party white label SEO companies. The result is that you’ll have more people coming to your business for help.

8. SEO is Always Evolving

Some years ago most SEO services were nonexistent and unnecessary. But the algorithm is frequently changing, and so are the demands of your clients. 

These changes can make it very difficult for you to stay updated and ensure your clients retain their top-ranking positions. This also calls for outsourcing some of these tasks to white label companies, which will fix it on your behalf.

9. You’ll Be In Control

While you may be working with third-party sites, you’ll have 100% control over the reports. Some of these companies have dashboards where you can choose what’s included or excluded in each report and what’s shared with a client. 

10. Broaden Your Company Services And Make More Money

Again, SEO is a broad area with a lot of moving parts; whether it’s keywords research, Auditing, Content optimization, backlink building, and more. White label SEO reporting providers offer these services, which you can resell to expand your revenue inflow. You won’t have to do any work, have the white label company do it.

Where Do You Start?

So now you know how beneficial white label SEO reporting can be. The first step to getting started with white label SEO reporting is to choose a provider. 

There are many providers out there, but you want to choose a company that suits the services you offer and allows you to effortlessly meet the needs of your clients. 

Here are some criteria to use when searching for the best reporting Solution.

Choose A Provider With A Wide Range Of Offerings

The White label SEO provider you choose must provide all the services that you offer to your clients. Considering how vast SEO is, there’s the possibility that most white label providers wouldn’t cover all the services you want.

But you shouldn’t stop there, choose a provider that provides a wide range of other services. You never know when you may need additional SEO services. When you schedule a meeting when searching for a provider, ask for a list of the services they offer.

What Data Sources Do They Track?

It’s also important that the white label SEO reporting agency collect data from sources that are important to you and your clients. This may include data from Google My Business, Google search console, Google analytics, and more. This is another important question to ask before signing up.

The Ideal Provider Should Offer Transparency

SEO has a lot of moving parts and if you’re going to have someone else working on it for you, you want to make sure that you can trust their reporting. You will be acting on these reports, structuring your whole SEO strategy on its recommendations. So transparency is an essential factor to ensure you’re making the right decisions.

Choose A Provider That’s Reliable

Reliability, in this case, transcends providing accurate reports, it is also essential that the reports are timely. A weekly SEO report is useless if it’s delayed until the next week.

Asides from speaking to the provider, you can also contact one of their clients to ask about their reliability.

Don’t Choose Based on Price

While price does matter when it comes to SEO reporting and service, it shouldn’t be your number one criteria for choosing a white label SEO provider. Often SEO companies promoting low prices end up offering less detailed reporting.

So instead of price, focus on the agency’s last performance. Looking at what they’ve done can help you determine what they can deliver.

White label SEO reporting empowers you to demonstrate the effectiveness of your SEO services. They also make fantastic material to market your services and get more clients. But it all starts with choosing the right white label SEO reporting company or tool. If possible, choose a provider with a money-back guarantee in case you don’t get your money’s worth.