Google Drive Stack

If you are a fan of white hat SEO strategies, chances are that you might have heard about Google drive stacks. It is a new SEO strategy that is presently making waves in the online community. Using Google drive stack provides you with the opportunity to leverage the power of Google and its multiple assets to promote your business.

If well done, it can tremendously help boost your rankings on the search engine while also increasing online visibility for your brand or company. Google drive stacks, or simply Google stacks, is indeed a powerful tool every business needs to take advantage of. 

In this post, we will be showing you what the SEO strategy looks like and how it can help transform your Local SEO.

What Are Google Drive Stacks?

Google drive stacks, otherwise known as Google Stacks, are Google entities or Google assets that have been created for the primary purpose of maximizing a site’s SEO value and increasing its online visibility. When we talk about building Google stacks, it simply means building an SEO strategy that leverages Google’s different entities. These entities such as Google Drive and Google Sites are strategically interconnected to stack up the power of other entities like Google Docs, Google Map, Google Forms, Google SpreadSheet, etc in the form of authority stacks. The goal here is to get as many high-quality web pages as possible into one or more domains for branding purposes while leveraging Google’s search algorithm to get a web page or Google MyBusiness listing to rank. Wondering if this strategy actually works? Yes, it does work. This is because Google offers more trust and authority to its own properties. Therefore making it easy to leverage Google’s trusts for its own domain google portal to add more backlinks to a site.

What Is Domain Authority Stacking; Is It The Same With Google Drive Stacking?

Well, while the two are not completely the same, they work based on the same principle. Domain authority stacking refers to the practice of linking a website or blog with another website in order to improve its rank in Google. This can either be done with both sites on the same TLDs or on different TLDs. However, if they are on different TLDs, it is necessary that there is enough link juice flowing between the sites for the goal to be achieved. When domain authority stacking is done, it is for the primary purpose of building a strong support network of backlinks that is capable of increasing a site’s domain authority.

What Are Some Benefits of Building Google Drive Stacks

When properly implemented, Google drive can deliver a wide range of benefits to a brand or business. But it just has to be properly configured or else you won’t be getting the most result from Google drive stacking. Below are popular reasons people build Google Stacks:

#1: To build quality link

This is one major function of Google stacking – for link building. With this SEO strategy, you will be getting authority, high-quality backlinks from Google and all its entities you have interlinked. Compared to other SEO practices that can get you penalized by Google, this is definitely much safer. The reason is – Google trusts its own entities.

#2: To promote your content

Google drive stack is often used to quickly rank a document – even for a highly competitive keyword. Are you aiming to rank for a particular keyword or search phrase, probably to take advantage of current events? Google stacking can come to your rescue to make it happen without stress.

#3: To improve your reputation online

Google stacks work effectively for boosting a business’s online reputation. For instance, if your business has been struggling with a bad reputation because of negative reviews, you can quickly rank the properties in Google Drive to bury the reviews. Although this might not be a long-lasting solution, it can help you hold the line for the meantime until you are able to get the permanent way to fix things.

#4: To rank your website

Many SEO practitioners rank their sites and increase traffic by stacking links from Google’s high-authority domains such as Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, etc. So if you are looking to rank multiple properties on the front page or give your site an overall SEO boost, Google stacks might be your go-to SEO strategy.

#5: It is 100% white hat

With Google stack, you don’t have to worry about getting penalized by Google for your actions. It is a completely white hat SEO strategy. You will be getting juicy links from Google babies while also enjoying some levels of trust and relevancy without fear.

At the same time, you won’t have to worry about duplicate content and PBN footprints. There is definitely no better way to be on Google’s side, enjoying amazing benefits.

Google Drive Stack and Local SEO

If you are wondering if Google stacks can be effective for organic and Google Maps SEO, the answer is yes. The truth is Google algorithm has a soft spot for Google entities. With Google stacks, you can strategically send juicy links from your stack to your GMB listing or any other local asset you may want to rank.

Google stack can help rank your page on Google Map Pack and help you get more organic traffic from local searches. In fact, one major way SEO practitioners have used this strategy in the past is to build local SEO.

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How to Stack Authority Google Entities to Drive Local SEO Signals to Your Brand

Create a branded Gmail account

This is the first step to building a Good drive stack. You need to get a branded Gmail account for the business or site you are looking to build a stack for. Remember, Gmail account is what we use to create all of the other Google entities that are going to be in the stack. Simply put it as the Gmail account is the owner of the stack. Nevertheless, it is always better to get a branded email for the business or site. This is to ensure that everything in the stack bears a level of uniformity and consistency.

Create the stack entities

Leverage the different Google entities you can find for your stack. Some of them include Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, YouTube, GMB, etc. So, create each of these entities with consistent company information.

Create content to power up the stack

This part is very important. Remember that stacking in the first place means strategically interlinking these Google assets. There is no better way to do that than creating content. You will need 1000 to 2000 words of optimized content in different forms for the different parts of the stack to power it up. This could be in the form of docs, slides, sheets, YouTube, etc.

Feed them regularly

Creating content on these entities is not a one-time thing. You will need to regularly feed them with content, traffic, backlink, and other signals to effectively and quickly get the job done. However, it is important that you maintain the quality and frequency of your content.

Keep your brand message consistent

Make sure you maintain a consistent brand message across all your digital properties. This is important to build a level of trust in the eyes of Google.

Interlink your assets

Don’t forget to interlink all these assets in your content. Each has to have a signal in others. For instance, embed a Google Map into your Google site as well as your target site. Embed Google post images into your press releases to also gain more GMB signals to strengthen the stack. Use zip codes you want to rank for as hashtags. The aim is while you build signals within your attack, you also want to generate powerful brand signals that Google will find, crawl, render, and score.

More Questions about Google Drive Stack Answered

Is this strategy safe at all; I don’t want to get into trouble with Google

We understand your plight. But Google drive stack is a completely safe method. It is an SEO strategy that uses Google Drive as a hub. And Google doesn’t see anything wrong with a business having a hub. So, the strategy is like any other strategy to promote your website. It can’t get you into trouble as long as you don’t abuse it.

I have tried this in the past with no luck

Well, building a Google drive stack is not different from when you get a link from any other website. It doesn’t usually happen instantaneously – it is going to take time to see the results. Also, you will need to get links from other websites to strengthen the stack.

In addition, Google drive stacks are designed to work with your larger marketing strategy, not alone. Make sure you are not making that mistake.

What page on my website can I use this for?

Well, if you are using Google drive stacks for your local SEO, it is recommended you target your homepage. You can then move on to target other pages on which you would like to gain some organic traffic and then connect them to your homepage.