17 White Label Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies

Do you want to offer more value and increase your ROI without incurring a huge overhead? Then you need to use white label marketing tools. White label marketing tools will help your agency to work more efficiently and boost the results your business gets. There are different white label tools that you can use to improve your digital marketing solutions.

In this article, share some of the best white label marketing tools that digital agencies can use to expand their services and grow their agencies.

17 White Label Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies

SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers different SEO and marketing-related features in addition to white labelling. The tool allows you to use your domain or your client’s domain without any link pointing to SE Ranking. Also, you can receive reports via your corporate email, manage users, and also customise the interface to match your logo.

If your agency offers SEO services, SE Ranking can help you save a lot of time. The platform has different tools that will help you expand your operations without hiring more staff. Hence, you will be able to accomplish more tasks in a short period without incurring more overhead costs.


HubSpot is a white label marketing tool that helps to offer full marketing services. Apart from being a name to reckon with in inbound marketing, HubSpot is also effective in delivering different sales and marketing services, such as marketing automation.

Its CRM supports sales and also helps to develop automated email workflows. HubSpot allows you to use different sales and marketing tools from a single spot. The only issue with HubSpot is the subscription plan which makes all the tools a little bit expensive.



PromoRepublic helps digital agencies to improve their collaboration with clients and also get better results by hastening the process of approving content. This white label social media marketing tool helps you to invite your clients into a client’s interface where they can drop comments for their social media content. This tool eliminates the need for bulky files since all the client’s requests will be properly organised in a single place.

You can brand this tool with your logo, colours, and can also host it on your web domain; thereby portraying yourself as an authority in your client’s eyes.


Mention is a white label marketing tool that allows digital agencies to see what people have to say about their clients on social media, news websites, forums, and blogs. This tool is effective in giving you insights into your clients’ reputation online. It also helps you know what to do to improve their reputations.

Mention helps you know if your clients’ social media marketing is improving their online reputation or not. This is a huge addition to SEO and PPC clients that are concerned about their company’s reputation. The tool also has a crisis management section that helps your client know when bad news is posted so that they can take the right steps.

Mention also helps agencies to generate reports automatically. The tool allows you to export all data, reports, and mentions and then send them directly to your clients. The reports can be branded to include either your agency’s logo or your client’s. If you want to expand your service offering without hiring extra employees or outsourcing to other agencies, Mention can help you with that.



WordStream helps digital agencies to manage and close their customers. The tool allows you to link your prospect’s Facebook Ad and Google accounts and use different tools within WordStream Advisor (such as the 20-Minute Work Week, QueryStream, and the Performance Dashboard) together with the white-labelled performance analyzers and reports. These tools will help you analyze and identify opportunities that are embedded in your prospects’ paid advertising accounts.

Carrying out account audits for a PPC agency is time-consuming. WordStream, coupled with its reports and performance graders, helps you to create more detailed audits within a short period. The white label marketing tool provides you with an efficient sales tool that you can use to easily grow your agency.


This marketing report tool helps digital agencies access to marketing tools and platforms that allows them to easily create white label reports for their clients. With DashThis, you will have access to different accounts. You will also be able to send automated emails while branding the reports as yours. DashThis provides white label reports; these allow you to give your clients reports that are branded to either their companies’ identities or yours. You can use DashThis to send the following white label marketing reports to your clients:

  • Social media reports
  • SEO reports
  • PPC reports
  • Ecommerce reports

Active Campaign

Active Campaign helps digital agencies with email marketing, digital marketing, CRM, and messaging. The tool offers white label solutions such as custom domains, custom button colours, font size, HTML/ CSS rebranding, borders, font colours, and lots more. The tool also allows you to remove all links and customize them to your brand.

Page One Power

Page One Power helps digital agencies offer top-notch SEO services for their clients. The SEO solutions that this tool offers help agencies to help their clients rank in organic search results. The services that Page One Power offers include individual link placement and SEO campaigns.

Page One Power


This managed WordPress host provides white-label options for your client billing platform. With this, you will be able to grow your agency by offering custom client subscriptions, benefiting from automated billing emails, and earning recurring revenue. FlyWheel has a great hosting platform and a team of WordPress experts that offer top-notch customer service.


ProofHub is a white label project management tool that helps digital agencies to collaborate, plan, organize, and deliver projects as when due. The tool also saves time by simplifying your tasks. ProofHub offers the option of personalizing your account by using their white labelling options that allows you to have it in your marketing agency’s colour and theme.



My6sense is a white label native advertising tool that gives media trading companies, publishers, and advertisers access to a programmatic white label native advertising platform. The platform uses artificial intelligence and big data to allow users to have control over their assets and expand their in-house programmatic native services. My6sense offers full-scale white label configurations that give room for easy delivery of native advertising within days. You can also brand the services offered as yours.


This white label digital agency tool offers marketing, sales, and fulfilment services for marketers that focus on local business marketing. The tool helps you to have access to marketing strategists and content creators that can use your digital agency’s brand to meet the needs of your clients.

Vendasta offers different services like website creation, digital advertising, review and listing management, blog writing and posting, native advertising, and social media management.

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a white label marketing tool that helps digital agencies to carry out SEO audits, swift issue checks, detailed analysis, and website scraping. The tool’s white label feature can be used to generate a website audit report in PDF with important areas of SEO on-page analysis filled with diagrams and your agency’s logo, contacts, and recommendations for a team or a client. The white label reports that allow you to brand as yours are paid features. Hence, you need to pay at least $39 per month, $31.20 per year, or $23.40 for 3 years to have access to this feature.

The pros of Netpeak Spider include the following:
It gives metrics and crawling data for the webpages on your clients’ web pages.
It offers a building tree and the calculation of the ranks of the internal pages.
It provides reports with different technical errors.
Netpeak Spider provides performance reports to have a better insight into their website’s SEO performance.

However, there is no MacOS version of the tool. Also, Netpeak Spider is only compatible with desktop devices.



Monday is a white label marketing tool that helps digital agencies to manage their projects. The straightforward and intuitive tool helps agencies to create a top-quality workflow within a short period. There are 200 ready-made templates on the tool. The tool also has an easy-to-use visual interface that will allow your team members to jump on it without undergoing any training.

The groups, items, sub-items, and updates are synchronized to help your team members know when there are changes across projects, workflows, and other projects. Its status button reveals the current progress of the team and the updates can be tracked on a single screen. You can also notify your team members, add files and link boards to enable your team members to track the projects.

Monday provides you with tools that save your time, streamline your tasks, and also help you to efficiently control all spheres of your projects. You can also present your data in different formats by using calendars, Kanban boards, maps, timelines, Gantt charts, forms, workload graphs, and master spreadsheets.

Some of the pros of the tool include:

  • It makes it easy to follow up with clients.
  • It is project management easy and hassle-free.

Its cons include:

  • You cannot integrate it with your social media platforms.
  • Monday has no mass drag and drop feature.



This is an AI-powered site builder that allows digital agencies that do not have design or coding expertise to create mobile-friendly websites. Its AI supervisor monitors the consistency of the designs. It also has over 200 blocks that perfectly adjust on screens of different sizes (as well as the screens of mobile devices).

Weblium uses the same logic for creating websites as we have in WordPress. It has blocks, columns, and rows that an untrained user can use to create excellent websites. After creating the website, all updates and security challenges will be handled by Weblium. Also, the SEO tools allow you to include meta tags and alt-text for images. The tool also allows you to change page URLs

Some of the advantages of Weblium are listed below:

  • The tool offers a huge number of design options.
  • Weblium’s interface is newbie-friendly.

Its drawbacks include:

  • It does not have templates of basic niches.
  • It cannot be integrated with CRM systems and email automation tools.


Do you need a tool that can help you create your business collateral without incurring additional overhead cost? Then consider getting Xtensio. Xtensio helps you to create user personas, attention-grabbing pitch decks, and other documentations for presentation purposes.

The tool has proposals, sales sheets, and other templates that you can use to create your sales presentation. Xtensio’s drag and drop feature makes it easy to make changes to your project. Also, you can easily share the final version of your project with your colleagues so that they can work on it.


Grade.us is a white label reputation management tool. This platform allows digital agencies to allow their clients to manage their reputation and improve their reviews on Facebook, Google, and other review websites. The white label tool can also be used to monitor customers’ reviews for Yelp and other websites that relate to the following industries:

  • Home service companies (such as HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Houzz)
  • Healthcare companies (such as Healthgrades, Zocdoc, and WebMD)
  • Real estate companies (such as Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia)

You can use Grade.us Review Management ROI Calculator to determine the monthly revenue and potential profit margins of your agency. The platform also offers white label pitch decks and educational tools to get new customers. It also has review management checklists that you can use to help your clients get the most from the reputation management tool.

Wrapping Up

All the tools discussed in this guide will help your digital agency to be more efficient, automate your marketing processes, and also boost the cost of your services. You can get started with any of the tools by choosing one or several services and then finding a convenient cost and testing it. The specific white label marketing tool you choose will be determined by the type of agency you manage and the type of customers you serve.